The Butter Up Story

How this knife became our bread & butter

From humble beginings….

Butter. So delicious, so versatile, yet so damn hard to spread. How could this creamy condiment cause such consternation?

And that, our lucky spreaders, is the question that started this whole thing.

Our team of product designers and problem solvers went to work, pondering and prototyping in pursuit of a solution. Nine months and approximately 7,652 slices of bread later, we had our answer: The Butter Up.

And so from concept to product it went, kicking arse on Kickstarter and shipping to over 77 countries around the world.

But we don’t intend on resting on our soft, golden laurels just yet. We’re on a mission to solve all sorts of everyday problems with gobsmackingly simple solutions. We’ve solved one, but there are plenty more exciting challenges to come.

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